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Community Services

Community Services

 People cannot meet many of their social needs due to poverty.  The MTJ Foundation has taken many steps to alleviate the suffering of such people, some of which are as follows.

 - The Financial Assistance Program provides financial assistance to poor families to meet their social needs.

 - The Marriage Assistance Program helps poor and orphaned girls to get married.

 - Ration is provided to the elderly, helpless and unemployed people under the Ration Program.

 - Free hand pumps are provided to the poor under the Clean Water Program to get clean drinking water.

 - Under the Sewing Machine Program, free sewing machines are provided to deserving women and widows so that they can run their own household.

 - The Shelter Aid Program provides financial assistance to people whose homes are in disrepair and weak and who cannot afford to have them repaired due to their poverty.

 - Under the Eid Gifts To Orphans Program, orphaned children are given Eid gifts so that they too can join in the joys of Eid.

 - Through the Welfare Of Orphan Families Program, the Foundation supports helpless families who have no sponsors.

 In addition to these programs, the MTJ Foundation is trying to help the poor and deprived people in the society in every possible way.